Outdoor Play

Pickleball Courts are available at Memorial Park for outdoor play. A water fountain is provided from April to November, but please bring a chair as seating is limited.

Club Play

All the courts are reserved for a few hours each week for Grass Valley Pickleball Club Play sessions. For Club Play hours see the yellow box on the Home page of this website. The Club Play times are for MEMBERS ONLY.

Club Play times are sometimes reserved for other club activities such as coaching clinics (see the Coaching Clinic section of the Member Area page). Check the Calendar to make sure courts will be available if you wish to play.

Regular Club Play (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

Regular Club Play sessions (with the exception of the Sunday Club time - see below) are for players of all levels on all courts. A sign up board is used to rotate play in a 4-on, 4-off rotation. Players may write their name in any one of the available slots on the board and may sign up again only when they complete their game and come off the court. Unless fewer than 4 players are waiting, all 4 players leave the court at the end of a game. If there is a large turnout and wait times are unusually long, shortening the game length is an option.

Players wishing to play with a specific player or players may sign up together when all the players are not playing, i.e. placing a player’s name on the board when that player is currently playing is not permitted. When there are 16 or fewer players present, the option to rotate play in a different manner may be agreed upon by the entire group.

Drills & Thrills and Regular Club Play (Wednesday)

During February 2023, Drills and Thrills will take place during our Wednesday afternoon club time. The first hour will be drills, and then participants can continue in regular games to use their new skills. We will have one court for beginners (max 8 players) and one for intermediates (max 6 players).  The other 4 courts will be available for Regular Club Play (see above).

  • Beginners will get lots of practice with the basics: switching from forehand to backhand, effective dinks, improving your serve, getting to the kitchen line, etc. 
  • Each intermediate session will focus on just one or two specific shots or strategies.  The first couple of sessions will cover much of the same things as the November test sessions, but you're welcome to sign up again. 

To be put on the distribution list for Drills and Thrills, click here: Distribution List

Note: Starting in March 2023, Ladder matches will be played during Wednesday Club time, and Drills and Thrills will move to another time.

Tiered DUPR Club Play (Sunday)

All games played during Sunday Club time will be Tiered DUPR matches. For more information on the DUPR rating system click here. Three whiteboards will be set up for three tiers of play. Players should sign up on the whiteboard that corresponds with their  DUPR rating, and should report their scores at the DUPR table so the Cluc can get them posted. One of the Club DUPR experts will be on hand to assist players and enter scores. 

Friday Night Lights

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS sessions are currently on hold for the winter. They will resume in the spring of 2023.

Friday Night Lights sessions are open to everyone (not just Club Members) and are ideal for beginners and those who prefer “soft play.”

Experienced players will be on hand to provide tips to improve your game.

Please note that the courts are open to the public during this time. Therefore all play must follow the GV Memorial Pickleball Rules (See Public Court Play below).

If you have friends who would like to learn more about pickleball, bring them along!

Club Lockbox

The club lock box may be used during the reserved club times. Balls are provided for all Club Play sessions; and loaner paddles are also available if needed. Feel free to ask a member with a key to borrow a ball and paddles.

Safety Guidelines

Please read our Safety Guidelines before joining us for Club Play.

​​Public Court Play

Outside of Grass Valley Pickleball Club Play times the pickleball courts at Memorial Park are open daily from dawn until 10 PM for public play. All pickleball players are required to comply with City of Grass Valley policies regarding use of the Memorial Park courts. GV Memorial Pickleball Rules are here and posted at the courts.

We are permitted (but not required) to put up our white board during non-Club times. (Those who aren't Club members can use it too.) Just be sure someone is responsible for putting it back and locking the box when you're done.

While we encourage the use of PlayTimeScheduler (PTS) to organize games outside of club reserved play sessions, please be aware that PTS is not a court reservation system. Established players or a group of players on a court has discretion as to whether anyone, club member or not, may join that group's session. Please also note that PTS has a “private invitation” option.