DUPR Rating System

GVPC has adopted DUPR — Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating — as the rating system for Club play and events. It’s free and easy to sign up.  Phone Apps are available on the Apple and Google App stores. For more information click here 

The more DUPR matches you play, the more reliable your rating will be. All GVPC ladder games will be entered into DUPR by the ladder managers.

Any other time (indoor, outdoor, Club time or not), players can enter scores into DUPR if all four players agree ahead of time that it’s a DUPR game. Once someone enters it into DUPR, the other players are notified by email, and someone from the other side needs to validate the score. 

For tiered Club play sessions, please see the GVPC DUPR Tiered Play guideline document here

Questions? Contact us here.