Indoor Play Veterans Hall

Work has been completed at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building located at 255 South Auburn Street, GV.  There are three lined courts on a brand new wood floor. The indoor program is limited to GVPC members only.

Play times will usually be on Mondays and Fridays from noon-3 pm. Note the use of the word "usually." That means not always. We're competing with other users at the Vets Hall, so dates and times may vary from time to time. Our indoor play times will be posted on our website calendar and on

Our contract with the County requires us to abide by current COVID-19 guidelines. GVPC is required to exclude anyone who exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. Masks are highly recommended (but not required) at indoor venues regardless of vaccination status. Do not attend indoor play if you are feeling ill in any way. Even if you think it's just a cold, please don't share it with your fellow players.

An indoor facilitator will be on site to unlock the doors, take payments for wristbands, and to oversee indoor play. Players refusing to follow instructions from the facilitator will be barred from indoor play. 

  • The cost to play is $3 per day, or $20 for 8 wristbands. Pay at the door, cash only. If you have wristbands left over from 2020, those will be honored. You must have a wristband on before going on to a court.
  • Wear shoes that have “non marking soles” and check the soles for gravel.
  • Please help with set up or tear down of the nets. Our start and stop times include set-up and clean-up. Our contract strictly prohibits entering before our start time, and all players and equipment must be off the courts by the end time. The Club will provide the indoor balls. 
  • Sign ups for a court will be on a whiteboard in the bleacher area, similar to Club play at Memorial with the usual “4 on-4 off.” 
  • Do not disrupt play to get to your court. Either wait for a break in the action, or go across the bleachers and down the stairs to your court.    
  • We are limited to 49 participants, and players must be age 20 or older. No food is allowed in the gym.

Questions?  Contact us here.

Please read our Safety Guidelines before joining us for Indoor Play.