Indoor Play Veterans Hall

GVPC has a contract with Nevada County to use the Veteran’s Memorial Building located at 255 S. Auburn Street for indoor pickleball play.  There are 3 courts on a multi-sport lined wood floor.  The schedule for the Vet’s Hall courts will be posted on and on the Club Calendar.

The following is the protocol for playing at the Vet’s Hall, GVPC Members only:

  • All players must abide by the instructions of the court facilitators and follow the GVPC Code of Conduct.  Failure to follow the facilitators instructions is a code of conduct violation.
  • Players must enter and exit via the front door only.
  • The cost is $5 per day or $20 for 5 wristbands.  Pay at the door, cash only.  You must have a wristband on before going on to a court.  The maximum number of participants is 49.
  • No food is allowed in the Auditorium. 
  • Wear shoes that have “non marking soles”, clean soles from gravel and dirt before entering the courts.
  • Please help with set up or tear down of the nets. Our start and stop times include set up and clean up. Our contract strictly prohibits entering before our start time, and all players and equipment must be off the courts by the end time. The Club will provide the indoor balls.
  • Sign ups for a court will be on a whiteboard in the bleacher area, similar to Club play at Memorial with the usual “4 on-4 off.”  If only 2 players are waiting, winners stay and split.  Once 3 players are waiting, 3 people come off and determine the player staying on using Rock-Paper-Scissors or any other fair method.  Any player can sign into an open spot on the whiteboard.  The player(s) next in line in the sign-up box go out next, regardless of the number of players signed in (2, 3 or 4).  If less than 4 players go out onto the court, they can include any willing players that are just coming off the court.  To mix groups up, players may choose to put their name in a box different from a group they just played with.
  • Doubles games are played to 11 win by 2 using traditional scoring.  When 8 or more players are waiting, play to 9 win by 1.  This pertains to new games starting, not retroactive to games in process.  Switching back to 11 can be applied to games in process.  Singles are only allowed when no players are waiting or only two have signed up in a box.   The team closest to the stage serves first.
  • When a group completes their game, they will exit the courts in the most orderly way possible as to not disrupt other players.  When in-process games complete the point, they will rotate courts left to right when facing the stage.  New games will start on the far left court.  This court rotation shares the burden of playing on courts that are sometimes challenging due to glare from the sun.  Do not loiter on the courts.
  • Indoor play will be scheduled as open (all levels) or split by skill level.  If split by skill level, DUPR Doubles Ratings and/or Ladder groupings will be used.  Attendance records will be periodically reviewed to determine the appropriate level split to balance the players in each group.   

Questions?  Contact us here.

Please read our Safety Guidelines before joining us for Indoor Play.