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    Member News

    By Judi Mosley, 12/30/2020

    News from the City of Grass Valley:

    One of our members contacted the City and asked that the sun/windscreens be removed or adjusted to allow the courts to dry more quickly after wet weather.  The City contacted us to find out whether it was an official Club request but expressed some reluctance to make multiple changes to the sunscreens in view of changing weather conditions.  The City has made it clear that Club members (or other members of the public) are not to make modifications to City property at Memorial Park. Since there can be a delay for the City to be able to respond to such requests, the GVPC Board decided not to have the City make any changes to the screens at this time.  Before long, the sun will be blinding the players in the south-facing courts and we'll be glad the screens are in place.  Please wait for the courts to dry in order to play safely.

    The City also said that it is moving ahead with our request to install gates between all the pickleball courts.  The work has been delayed during the pandemic but is expected to be done in the next two or three months.

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    Official 2021 USA Pickleball Rulebooks Released

    By Barbara Kroczak, 12/23/2020

    USA Pickleball and IFP have released 3 items:

    • the Official 2021 Rulebook,  
    • the 2021 Rules Change Document, which lists each rule that was added or changed with explanations provided,
    • an Alternate Rulebook for public comment.  

    The Official 2021 Rulebook will become effective on January 25, 2021.

    More information is available here.

    Rules & Bylaws

    Site plan for Memorial Park upgrades

    By Judi Mosley, 09/30/2020

    Site plan is here.

    The improvements include 2 new pickleball courts. The city is not sure when the courts will be complete. City staff is in the process of preparing plans to send out for bid. Construction for all the improvements is expected to take about a year. It has not been determined at this point which phase of construction will include the pickleball courts.

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    New Pickleball Courts at Memorial Park!

    By Judi Mosley, 09/23/2020

    You may have seen the news that Grass Valley has received a grant to make improvements at Memorial Park, including two new pickleball courts!  Here's a link to the article in The Union: Click Here  The courts will be located between the existing YMCA building and the historic clock.  The City estimates that it will take a year to complete construction.  In the meantime, the City has agreed to move forward with installing gates between the existing courts, so City workers and/or contractors will be out there in the next week or so.

    We are also working with Nevada City to get three pickleball courts constructed at Pioneer Park.  We'll keep you informed as we get more information.

    Stay Safe!

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