Site plan for Memorial Park upgrades

    By Judi Mosley, 09/30/2020

    Site plan is here.

    The improvements include 2 new pickleball courts. The city is not sure when the courts will be complete. City staff is in the process of preparing plans to send out for bid. Construction for all the improvements is expected to take about a year. It has not been determined at this point which phase of construction will include the pickleball courts.

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    New Pickleball Courts at Memorial Park!

    By Judi Mosley, 09/23/2020

    You may have seen the news that Grass Valley has received a grant to make improvements at Memorial Park, including two new pickleball courts!  Here's a link to the article in The Union: Click Here  The courts will be located between the existing YMCA building and the historic clock.  The City estimates that it will take a year to complete construction.  In the meantime, the City has agreed to move forward with installing gates between the existing courts, so City workers and/or contractors will be out there in the next week or so.

    We are also working with Nevada City to get three pickleball courts constructed at Pioneer Park.  We'll keep you informed as we get more information.

    Stay Safe!

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    County moves to Orange Tier - No change in GVPC activities

    By Judi Mosley, 09/23/2020

    Although Nevada County has moved to the ORANGE tier for reopening businesses and other activities, that doesn't change the existing State rules regarding pickleball.  The City has informed us that we cannot resume Club activities until we move to the lowest tier, which requires a further reduction in the 7-day average of new cases.

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    Latest Nevada County Guidelines for playing Pickleball

    By GVPC, 06/10/2020

    Please see section 2. of the guidelines below which have been provided by the County to determine what outdoor pickleball activity is allowed .

    The Grass Valley Pickleball Club is not active right now. The equipment previously available in the lockbox is not available right now. 

    Nevada County Guidlines 6-4-2020


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    Pickleball is Back!  (Well, sort of . . .)

    By Judi Mosley, 05/03/2020

    Some of you may have seen the news that Grass Valley is gradually opening its parks again.  The County has revised its stay home order to allow for more outdoor recreational activities, including pickleball, but there are strings attached.  The City has posted new signs at Memorial Park that outline the rules.  Pickleball is permitted by household groups only, and each group must stay at least six feet away from others.  Consequently, there will be no Club play until further notice.

    Unfortunately, pickleball has had a bit of bad press recently.  A letter to the editor of the Union noted that pickleballers were continuing to play at South Yuba in violation of the County order that was then in effect.  We have provided assurances to both the City and the County that it was not GVPC-sponsored play, and that the vast majority of our members are cooperating with the order.

    Now that we have a little more leeway, we need to show that we will act responsibly.  If there are problems at the courts, we can expect that they will be closed again.  We don't want a repeat of the southern California experience with the beaches opening ever so briefly, only to be closed again when people did not follow the social distancing guidelines.  If your household plays at Memorial, please follow the posted rules.

    Stay safe, and hope to see you again soon!

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