URGENT: Indoor Play and Special Events canceled until the end of the month

    By Judi Mosley, 03/12/2020

    In order to reduce the risk of virus transmission we are canceling large GVPC gatherings through the end of the month.

    Indoor Play at the Veterans Hall and special events such as Dink 'N' Donuts and Clinics are canceled.  Outdoor Club play and Ladder play will continue for now. 

    Please check the Calendar for details.

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    Mark your calendars!  Dink 'N' Donuts March 21. Members only.

    By Judi Mosley, 03/04/2020

    Our first dinking competition of the year will take place on Saturday, March 21, during the morning club hours.  Email has already gone out.  Sign up using the green RSVP button in the email. The Rules of Play are also included in the email.

    Check-in and warm-ups will start at 8:30 am.  The competition begins at 9:00.  

    We will provide bagels and - at Jorgen's request - donuts.  (You thought I was going to say cheese Danish, didn't you?)  Bring your own beverage.

    Rules of Play

    • Everyone starts at the kitchen line, and the server serves diagonally.
    • If the serve hits the net (but stays in the kitchen), it’s a let and is done over.  
    • If the ball lands outside the kitchen in the first five hits, it’s out. 
    • You can hit the ball before it bounces as long as you’re not in the kitchen.
    • After the 5th dink, you can hit it anywhere in the court.
    • Hint: It helps to count each hit out loud to keep track.  (Since the serving side will be the first, third, and fifth hits, the non-serving side will have the first opportunity to hit outside the kitchen.)
    • All lines (including the kitchen line) are considered IN. Each side is responsible for calling in/out shots. The court captain can be consulted if she/he saw the shot, but is not always in the best position to see every shot.
    • Points are scored, and serves rotate just like regular pickleball.
    • Game is played to 7, win by 1.
    • The court captain is there to monitor play, count the number of dink shots and keep score.  The court captain has the final say.  No appeals.  No whining.  
    • Each player will get the number of points scored by his/her team.  For example, if the final score is 7-6, each of the winners will get 7 points, and each member of the losing team will get 6 points.
    • If time allows, we will play three rounds, with different partners for each round.  We may have a playoff competition in the event of a tie.
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