New Rules for Memorial Park Court Usage during non-Club times

    By Judi Mosley, 02/18/2020

    The City of Grass Valley has approved a new rule to govern usage of the pickleball courts during non-Club times.  Instead of making people wait an hour to get on a court, the new rule is:

    If all courts are in use and other players are waiting, each group must rotate off after completion of a game.

    We are hopeful that the new rule will make it easier to manage congestion at the courts, especially as the warm weather brings out more players. Just rotate off after a game, get a drink of water, rest up a bit, and wait for the next open court. We are permitted (but not required) to put up our white board during non-Club times.  (Those who aren't Club members can use it too.)  Just be sure someone is responsible for putting it back and locking the box when you're done.

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    Notice about Vets Hall Indoor Play

    By Judi Mosley, 02/06/2020

    We've been experiencing some problems recently when young basketball players arrive at the Vets Hall before 3:00. (Veteran's Hall Indoor Play time is from noon to 3pm.)

    We are working with the County about the best way to avoid these problems.  (We may put up a sign, but we need permission to do so.) 

    In the meantime, you can politely ask people to stay off the courts until 3:00. 

    In addition, we need to do our part by making sure we vacate the courts in a timely manner.  That means that ALL PLAY STOPS AT 2:55 so that we can take down the nets and enable them to start basketball promptly at 3:00.

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